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This page will contain a list of the most recent sets of changes and/or additions to the site. The changes will be shown in reverse chronological order.

A list of the most recent changes.

Date Page Changed Change Made
20 Sep '08

The case of the bonus years: C. M. Sola Added the exact date and location of Sola's death and made some small changes to the text.
20 Sep '08 Helpful Links Corrected a few typographical errors.
20 Sep '08

Hudleston Music Home Page Changed the text.

11 Sep '08 Helpful Links Added this page.
11 Sep '08 Privacy Policy Added this page.
10 Sep '08

The case of the forgotten talent: J. A. Nüske Fixed two small errors and the formatting in the list of works.
9 Sep '08

J. A. Hudleston: The Return to England Updated the link to Editions Orphee.

9 Sep '08

The case of the bonus years: C. M. Sola
The case of the mistaken name: P. Verini

Updated the link to Marco Bazzotti's 'Italian Guitarists' and removed him from the list of sources with incorrect information, as he has updated his site with the new information found here.

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